What are essential oils? 

The ancient plant wisdom contained in pure essential oils has been used for thousands of years to balance the body and support wellness. We like to think of it as the “soul” of the plant, or its life force.

“Essential” refers to the unique powerful fluid coursing through each plant form (seeds, roots, flowers, bark, leaves, peels, rinds) which all pertain to the therapeutic properties. During a low-heat, slow-steam distillation process, the microscopic molecules that make up essential oils become highly concentrated. The nano-molecular structure gives the molecules the ability to penetrate every cell in our body even the blood-brain barrier.


Watch this 3-minute video to get educated on essential oils and the chemistry of how they work with the human body. 


Why Young Living? 


Quality is held to the highest importance. Young Living cultivates, harvests, and distills oils on their own farms or close trusted partners that verify purity and quality at every step of the process.

Young Living requires extensive laboratory testing and third-party audits to ensure that the oils routinely exceed industry-leading quality standards and have since 1993. They use sustainable practices and are completely non-GMO while ensuring no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used on any farm.

No fillers, toxic extenders, or synthetic materials are used anywhere in the process from Seed to Seal®.

Young Living only uses first distillation oils for maximum potency. It may require many more drops from another brand, to achieve what a single drop of Young Living oil can do. Competing essential oil products labeled as “100% Pure” are only legally required to have 5% of the essential oil present in the product. It takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make a 5mL bottle of Rose oil.

Young Livings promise is to never dilute the purity. 

seet to seal.jpg

Young Living's Seed to Seal® process is our promise to the consumer. This five-step approach allows us to deliver nature’s most potent and pure essential oils from our farms to our families. 

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From the time the seeds are chosen to when the products are delivered to your home, Young Living hand-picks the very best to ensure purity and safety. 

Learn more about the journey Young Living oils take and their unparalleled process at SeedToSeal.com


Global Farms



The Young Living Foundation

We give back on a global scale

Young Living is proud to run major philanthropic projects worldwide. 

Sponsor a Child
Ecuador Earthquake Relief
Rebuild Nepal
Young Living Academy Ecuador
Maestral Orphanage Croatia
Sole Hope
African Hearts Community Organization
Healing Faith Uganda
Young living's sponsor a child program

Young Living covers all administrative costs of the foundation, so 100 percent of every single tax-deductible donation goes directly to our carefully selected projects and partnerships.



How To Use essential oils

Meet Your Oils

Open each one and embrace the aroma. Look at the directions on each label to see how the oil should be used (oils have different dilution recommendations and usage i.e. some oils can be used as a dietary supplement, used topically, or aromatically).

The directions on each label are NOT for babies and children; adults only.

We recommend starting with a few drops less than recommended on each label. It is best to start slowly and let your body adjust to the oils. Use one oil at a time to start, so you won't overload your body.




Dilute with a carrier oil 

Less Is more. Start slowly.

Essential oils are absorbed through your skin & enter bloodstream

Make rollers, sprays, balms or apply directly (when indicated).




Some oils can be
used for internal use;
or for dietary purposes.

Specific oils can be used
for oral care. 

the Vitality line is a line of oils safe for ingestion
(specific to Young Living only). 




Diffuse essential oils

Inhale directly from the bottle

Drop directly into your
hands & breathe

Molecules from essential
oils support our body
systems when inhaled




Store upright in a cool, dark place to avoid degradation of the oils.




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