Some oils can be used for internal use; or for dietary purposes

Certain oils can be used in food, water, tea, capsules

Specific oils can be used for oral care

Vitality line is a line of oils safe for ingestion (specific to Young Living only)

Some oils can be ingested and used for dietary purposes. They can be used in your water, made into teas, taken in capsules, and you can cook with them.

Not all essential oils are safe to ingest; this depends on the brand of essential oil and type of essential oil (for example, wintergreen is never safe to ingest). Most oils you find at a health food store say, “Not for Internal Use” on the bottle. Even if a bottle says “100% pure essential oil” it may still be cut with toxic chemical fillers and synthetic extenders.

Young Living offers a line of dietary oils, called, Vitality™ that are safe for ingestion. The oils in this line contain the same oils that are in the traditional line of oils, just labeled differently to meet FDA regulations. For example, lavender oil, is the same oil as lavender Vitality™ oil. They are labeled differently, but are the same formulation. Follow the instructions on the label.

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