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Thea Nunez-Trauceniek

young living independent distributor #17624911

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


Bronx, NY

this oil lifestyle 

I live with my teenage daughter, husband and our dog Rocky. I am also an elementary school teacher and in my line of work, it's important to build a strong immune system. When I learned about YL, I had very little experience with essential oils and quickly learned about all the benefits of using high quality natural products for healing and preventative care. As a parent, I strive to provide the best care for my family by using non-toxic products and this company gave me the tools to do that. Now my daughter and I look forward to coming home and diffusing new oil combinations or trying old favorites. I also plan on starting to use the diffuser in my classroom with my students. These are products that I can feel safe using around anyone and i'm enjoying sharing my journey with oils.

first oil success  

When I first joined YL, I experimented with the oils in my PSK. I had a sore throat and the beginnings of my annual bout with bronchitis. I immediately tried the Thieves tea, rubbed Thieves oil on my throat and chest and also diffused it. The first day I did this, I felt immediate relief. By the second day, my symptoms had completely subsided. It was the first year that I hadn't gotten sick in the winter season in a long time.

oils i can’t live without

I can't live without Thieves essential oil. I use it to make tea along with lemon essential oil and honey. It really gives me a boost if i'm under the weather or just feeling a little sluggish. I also love Eucalyptus essential oil when I'm congested and Digize essential oil when I have an upset stomach.