How To Order Your Starter Kit


Congrats! You are on your way to discovering

the amazing world of essential oils!



Step 1: Click on the link given by the person who referred you.


Step 2: Make sure "Wholesale Member" is selected, not "Retail Customer." Wholesale Member is the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you will receive on future orders. 


Step 3: MEMBERSHIP DETAILS - Make sure the member number is filled in correctly. It is auto-filled in the enroller and sponsor boxes so that we can you support you as needed.


Step 4: SELECT YOUR DIFFUSER - Click on each image to learn more about the features of each one.


Step 5: SET UP YOUR MONTHLY ORDER (optional) - This is where you can incorporate essential oil infused, non-toxic products including toothpaste, laundry soap, makeup and more. You can also replenish your oil supply so that living healthy with essential oils becomes a lifestyle. You can change the shipping date and items each month. Just be sure to place a minimum of a 50pv ($50) order. Good news is your starter kit will count as your first month, you’ll receive $10 back in credit and free products! If you want to set up your monthly wellness subscription box (called Essential Rewards) and get store credit (up to 25% back) & free products when you order, click “yes”. Then select “yes” again to make your starter kit count as your first month’s ER. You’ll then check the box to customize your order for next month.


Step 6: ADDING PRODUCTS TO YOUR ORDER: If you wish to add additional products to your enrollment order or on your initial Essential Rewards order (mentioned above in Step 5), click the "Add More Products" button.


Step 7: MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - Enter your personal information.


Step 8: SIGN-IN INFORMATION - Be sure to write down your username, password and pin because you'll need that in the future to log into your account.


Step 9: COMMISSION PROCESSING INFORMATION - When you buy a Premium Starter Kit you receive a member number and sign-up link that you can use to share with others should they want their own starter kit. This link identifies you as the referrer and allows you to receive a $50 commission as a thank you from Young Living.

 Note: You are never required to share your link with anyone, but the opportunity is there to receive commissions if you choose.


There are three options in this section:

 1. Individual - No social security number required. This is the simplest way to begin. You can still share your sign-up link should you want to receive referrals. 

 2. Individual - With social security number- If you think you have a community of people who will be interested in Young Living and you foresee earning +$600 in commissions this year, Young Living will have your valid tax identification on file. 

 3. Business - DBA or LLC – If you would like to enroll under an established business name with a tax ID number.


Step 10: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Click "Agree" and "Next".


Step 11: PAYMENT: Enter your shipping and payment information.


Step 12: Check out! You're done!