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sarah bell

young living independent distributor #13210156

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


Grand Junction, CO

what inspires me 

I'm a yoga instructor and a yoga teacher trainer, and am becoming an End of Life Doula. I studied theater forever and am inspired by the work of others. I love good food, good coffee, good music, good people, good linens, and time to savor them all.

first oil success  

I had a fast and furious bad cold descend on me this winter and I made my first bomb (capsule to ingest) with oregano, Thieves, lemon, and frankincense oils in olive oil. I know a cold lasts seven days--that's whether you take medicine or not. I slept brilliantly and was finished with my cold the next night!!! I was amazed and rather pleased with myself!

Products I can't live without

Jasmine (in my diffuser, so it always feels like springtime in southern california no matter where i am). Purification (topically, for eczema and blemishes, as well as putting a drop in my UGGS for, well, purification). Ylang Ylang in a facial serum I made, as well as in my diffuser. Patchouli (when i am alone I will diffuse it or wear it and take myself back in time to my 20's).