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Justine Hinderliter

young living independent distributor #3075985

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor  


San Francisco, California

this oil lifestyle 

I’m a full-time-working-mama of two young kids in bustling San Francisco, and, honestly, I’ve struggled with keeping up with modern life’s demands. Essential oils help us to simplify life and fortify our experience of it. They are our go-to for boosting our immunity, balancing our energy (or tantrums, if you're a 6 year old!), easing our bumps and bruises, and they infuse some joy and fun, too!

First oil success  

When my son was a newborn, I looked for baby wipe options that weren't laden with a bunch of crap. But, no luck, so, I made my own using reusable cloths, & a solution of water, coconut oil, & YL's Gentle Baby & tea tree (just a teeny bit) essential oils. My son never had diaper rash--not even one time!

products I can't live without

Any and all Thieves products--for home cleaning, dental care, & immunity; Multigreens--my daily boost of chlorophyll from ocean veggies; Ningxia Red--full body support & energy for everyone (even my 2 year old!); Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil--oil cleansing method for your face? It's amazing! Sacred Mountain essential oil--to fortify me before a demanding/stressful day.