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Johonna K

young living independent distributor #2281144

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor  


Portola Valley, California 


I am mom to two girls (ages 7 and 5), co-author of OIL + GLASS, a DIY recipe book, and co-founder of The Essential Collective. As part of our family's goal to reduce our daily chemical burden, we use essential oils to replace many chemically-laden products (household cleaning, beauty, overall health and wellness, supplements, etc.). Oils quickly became a natural fit for our non-toxic arsenal. 


In this busy world we live in, my favorite activity is down time with my family. I also love to fill my time traveling, reading (historical fiction is my favorite genre), hiking, yoga, cooking, playing guitar (learning as an adult!), backpacking or spending time in the mountains, and doing anything active outdoors (my husband and I play on co-ed soccer and softball teams). 


Frankincense, Joy, Oregano, Purification, and Thieves.