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Jean Skamra

young living independent distributor #3374945

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor  


San Jose, California

The oil lifestyle 

It was at a baby's fair that I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and the Thieves blend with its many uses. I love that the ingredients in it are plant-based and safe for kids to use. As a new mother, I really wanted a true toxic-free space to bring our baby home to. Researching the products I was using, I realized it was important to me to purchase from companies that care about our environment and all it's inhabitants. We have choices, and living a chemical free life is what I strive to do.

What inspires mE  

Being outdoors in Nature, playing with my son and husband, creating art, teaching, yoga, living chemical free, travel and connecting with friends and family.

products I can't live without

Sacred Frankincense, Thieves, Lemon, Peace & Calming, Lavender