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Ferra Valentina

young living independent distributor #3760421

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor  


Encinitas, California 

this oil lifestyle 

Back in the day Mom had an ANCIENT diffuser (felt pads with a fan) running constantly. I had a cold the first time I had my "aha!" moment. She gave me a tissue with eucalyptus. It opened my sinuses, smelled amazing, and soothed discomfort. Oils are my alternative to medication, cure for headache, escape from a stressful day, tool to relax clients, and a great memory I share with Mom.

about ME  

I'm a... esthetician, product knowledge junky, traveling, hiking, shopaholic, ginger who loves quality time with my peeps. A fiancé to a hands dirty, fix anything kind of man/pilot/mechanic. A mom to a boxer-bullterrier stud. A sister to 3 extreme sport, "I'm too cool", but still (secretly) need advice, brothers. A daughter to a superwoman, fashion/interior designing, mom. A daughter to a hard working, harp playing, joker, Mick Jagger doppelgänger, dad.

oils I can't live without

Peppermint, Stress Away, Eucalyptus, Thieves, Frankincense