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young living independent distributor #18055708

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


New York, NY

about me

I have an amazing family, two amazing daughters(ages six and seven), and my husband. We are a happy family, but unfortunately, we have some inherited health complications. Both my daughter and husband suffer from high cholesterol - not because of unhealthy eating, but because they were genetically predisposed. I've suffered from occasional bouts of severe and debilitating head pressure since the age of 15. This has meant taking medications and injections to alleviate the pain. Over time, I have realized that taking so much medication is not great for my body because although the medication can alleviate that condition, it also triggered other health issues. Tired of adding more and more pills and injections, as a family we have begun to source other alternative and nature based products. Our Young Living membership has been an integral part of us accessing resources to keep our family moving towards wellness naturally!

The oil lifestyle  

I was on a path to living a healthy life and also wanted my family to join me in that amazing journey. On my journey, I came across Young living essential oils. I have always love using essential oils in general for aromatic, topical, and dietary purposes, but it wasn't until I tried the YL brand that I noticed the true difference in quality compared to other brands. With Young Living products like lemongrass, clove oil, Ningixa red, and Omegagize, we keep our family "heart healthy" and I also manage my weight. These little bottles are my family best friend. We use these oils for everything, and I mean everything. We love to use it in the diffuser, also for cooking purpose, making blends to apply on the body, and many other different ways. These magical bottle are always with us on the go.

oils/products i can’t live without

Lavender, Digize, Thieves