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caitlin fitzgordon

young living independent distributor #16635684

Nikelle Lovaas- Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


Cleveland, OH

about me

I am a life coach, yoga teacher and birth worker. I have always been drawn to plant medicine -- I use it for myself and my family every day. Joining Young Living gives me access to a vast array of healing plants, as well as the education to allow me to share it with others. My work is all about helping people manage life's transitions using inner and outer resources to avoid overwhelm and depletion. Adding oils as a complement to my work has been a beautiful addition!

what inspires me  

My family most of all. Witnessing my kids grow into thoughtful, funny, quirky, original and caring people motivates me every day to continue my own personal growth. My husband inspires me too! We are both yoga teachers and entrepreneurs and we have created businesses dedicated to helping others live healthy lives. I love being outside and playing in nature. I love good books, good music, good movies and good food. I love and am inspired by all of the people in my life that matter..

oils/products i can’t live without

Lavender because it's good for everything and everyone, just about. Frankincense because it has so many uses, it's super grounding and I love the smell. Valor is my newest favorite. I was first drawn to the name, because who doesn't need more valor in their lives? And now I find myself reaching for it most days: when I need to feel grounded, when I need a confidence boost, when I need a nap, or when I just want to enjoy a sense of hopefulness and possibility.